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Trigger Point Massage Ball Set

Trigger Point Massage Ball Set

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These massage balls can be used in various ways across your entire body to help ease tension in your muscles and relieve aches and pains.


Trigger point massage ball exercises

  • For the lower back or glute start in a sitting position and gently roll around on the ball.
  • For calf muscles or thighs try either sitting or lying on the floor and gently roll around on the ball.
  • For shoulders and upper back place the ball between your back and a wall.
  • For the neck roll the ball around between your neck and open palm.

7 Benefits of Trigger Point Massage Balls

  • 3 hardness levels depending on your requirements
  • Can provide a sports massage at home
  • Can be used for a full body massage
  • Can be used with a foam roller for an at-home massage
  • Ideal for use before or after exercise
  • Ideal for acupressure, tension, and trigger point release
  • Easy to transport to and from the gym

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6cm (Diameter)