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Sterotape ZO Zinc Oxide Tape

Sterotape ZO Zinc Oxide Tape

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A rigid adhesive zinc oxide tape that gives uncompromised protection and support to skin, muscles, tendons, and bones. Antiseptic, astringent, and easy to tear with serrated edges.

1.25cm Width - For Precision Application

2.5cm Width - Ideal for Covering Small to Medium Areas

4cm Width - Ideal for Larger Joints

5cm Width - Ideal for Covering Large Areas of the Body


A resilient zinc oxide tape - Giving you endurance when you need it most

Steroplast zinc oxide tape is the number one choice for thousands of boxers, rock climbers, runners, cyclists, football players, rugby players, tennis players, the list goes on.

Made especially for high-impact sports, our zinc oxide athletic tape is high-tensile and won’t give out, providing full support to joints, muscles, and tendons to keep them safe. Made with the input of sports injury specialists, ours is one of the best zinc oxide tapes on the market. For over 25 years, we’ve been working on providing the highest quality, most innovative taping and strapping products for everyone from amateur level up to elite.

Sterotape-Z.O. white zinc oxide tape has been designed with functionality in mind. We’ve added a serrated edge, making it easy to rip and use in a pinch.

Sterotape Z.O Zinc Oxide Tape Benefits

  • Non-stretch zinc oxide sports tape protects skin, tendons, muscles, and bones.
  • The rigid zinc oxide tape provides support, even under extreme stress, such as in sports activities.
  • The zinc oxide adhesive tape is gentle on the skin and won’t irritate it.
  • The tape’s antiseptic properties promote a hygienic environment on the skin where it is used.
  • Our tape is guaranteed to give both directional support and immobilisation.
  • Steroplast Z.O. zinc oxide plaster tape is extra-strong, easy to apply and extremely comfortable.
  • The serrated tape tears easily by hand along both the length and width. No scissors are required.
  • Zinc oxide strapping tape conforms well to body contours making it easy to apply virtually anywhere.
  • Buy zinc oxide tape also in 1.25cm, 2.5cm, and 4cm width rolls; choose from 5m or 10m long rolls.
  • This robust zinc oxide tape is ideal for application in treating long-term injuries, including Plantar Fasciitis.