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Sterotape Premium Sports Tape

Sterotape Premium Sports Tape

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Flesh/tan rigid zinc-oxide sports tape that’s unrivalled in strength and long-lasting adhesion. Supportive, secure and reliable premium ZO tape that you can trust.

Size: 3.8cm x 10m


Strong, medical-grade adhesive and rigid, non-stretch ZO tape. Outperform your competition with a premium zinc oxide tape that will provide unwavering support no matter what. 

Sterotape Premium is a high-quality zinc oxide tape that professionals trust. Developed primarily for use across the sporting industry, Sterotape Premium is a sports tape made of an extra-strength fabric that doesn’t stretch to provide rigid support for a wide range of applications. Combined with a powerful adhesive, Sterotape Premium will attach to the skin’s surface and remain in place for extended periods. 

Powerful zinc oxide tape like Sterotape Premium is the ideal product to support vulnerable or injured joints, both to prevent injury and to promote the healing of damaged joints such as the knee or ankle. Applying ZO tape to support and protect a joint before physical activity such as running or competitive sports is a popular and highly effective practice across the sports sector and is commonly utilised in physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation. 

While this premium ZO tape is strong and robust, the woven cotton material is designed to be breathable, reducing skin maceration and improving wearer comfort, so it can be worn for as long as needed. Developed by experts using state-of-the-art technology, this is a strong, easy-to-apply sports tape with a medical-grade adhesive coating that has natural antiseptic properties and is friendly to skin. Premium zinc oxide tape can be used to reduce flexibility and movement or completely immobilise joints as required, remaining secure and supportive as the wearer moves.

Benefits of Sterotape Premium Zinc Oxide Tape 

  • The ideal zinc oxide sports tape for strapping ankles, knees and other vulnerable joints to protect and prevent injuries.
  • The ultra-strong adhesive formulation ensures tape stays in place during the most rigorous and demanding activities.
  • The specialist non-stretch rayon material offers rigid support to keep joints immobilised, protecting from overextension and strained ligaments.
  • The generous thickness of the extra-strength adhesive ensures a lasting, secure hold on skin, tape, and underwrap.
  • Tape runs right down to the core for zero wastage and great value for money.
  • Designed to unwind smoothly and easily, allowing for consistent pressure and precise application.
  • The specialist breathable adhesive coating allows air to reach the skin underneath, reducing skin maceration (whitening of the skin) and itchiness.
  • Skin-friendly medical-grade adhesive and breathability improve wearer comfort and is sweat-resistant.
  • Hand-tearable with serrated edges allowing for quick application with no scissors required.
  • Woven cotton material tears easily across the width or down the length for speed and convenience.
  • The perfect sports physio tape for football, cricket, rugby, netball, hockey, athletics, and combat sports.
  • Single rolls are supplied in retail packaging for convenience.
  • CE marked for quality assurance.

Uses of Sterotape Premium

Premium zinc oxide tape is ideal for many uses due to its durability and versatility. Popular among athletes, sports physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists and medical professionals, zinc oxide tape can be used to prevent injury, support recovery, treat medical emergencies, and is commonly used in day-to-day hospital care.

The most common areas where zinc oxide tape is used to great effect include:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Injury Recovery and Protection
  • Physiotherapy
  • Athletic Rehabilitation
  • Wound Care
  • Blister and Verruca Treatment