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Sterotape K Kinesiology Tape

Sterotape K Kinesiology Tape

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Decompress tissue and provide support and stability to joints and muscles without impeding the range of movement or circulation using a kinesiology tape that’s strong, breathable and comfortable to wear.

Size: 5cm x 5m

Sterotape-K is a premium kinesiology sports tape trusted by athletes and physios across the sports industry. Support and stabilise with kinesiology tape that provides tension and reduces pressure where your body needs it most. 

Kinesiology is defined as ‘the study of the mechanics of body movements.’ Kinesiology tape, sometimes referred to as KT tape or K tape, is a highly effective sports tape that supports the body’s mechanisms to promote healing, improve performance and reduce pain symptoms without restricting movement when worn.

Sterotape-K is a kinesiology sports tape that creates tension over the skin’s surface when applied to alleviate pressure in body areas that need support, most often during physical activity and sports. Sports K tape is breathable and stretchy, flexing with body movements to allow for a normal range of motion.

Ideal for a range of sports injuries, k-taping is often utilised to treat tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and a wide range of overuse injuries commonly reported by athletes. Using K tape reduces the pressure on the muscle tissue, thus reducing discomfort and pain and improving physical performance.

Benefits of Sterotape-K Kinesiology Tape 

  • Sterotape-K kinesiology tape is 100% latex-free and low allergy—perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Once applied, kinesiology sports tape can be worn for up to a week with its robust and long-term adhesion and comfortable design.
  • Sports K tape is designed to be easy to apply, naturally conforming to the body’s contours.
  • K taping supports injuries without restricting movement; the stretchable cotton material flexes and stretches with body movements.
  • The elasticated woven cotton fabric of this sports K tape will stretch up to 140% of its original length to create tension over the skin’s surface to improve circulation, minimise discomfort, and promote healing. 
  • This kinesiology tape has a wavelike adhesive pattern that aids breathability, draws moisture away from the skin, and improves wearer comfort.
  • K taping applies tension on the skin’s surface to reduce pressure between muscle tissues, adapting to the skin's natural elasticity and reducing pain symptoms.
  • Kinesiology tape is designed to be comfortable to wear for extended periods. You will hardly notice it's on.
  • Premium water-repellent kinesiology tape fabric is ideal for sport and showering and is sweat resistant.
  • Premium sports K tape that’s suitable for use on joint (musculoskeletal) and muscle (soft tissue) injuries
  • Kinesiology sports tape of unrivalled quality to guarantee excellent performance. It’s ideal for running, cycling, or playing football, rugby and cricket.
  • K taping is suitable for amateurs as well as sports and injury rehabilitation professionals.
  • Kinesiology tape is easy to cut to the size you need. It’s quick and straightforward to apply with precision. The backing paper also features a grid design to help you measure out sections and cut them to the right size.
  • It is supplied in 5cm width x 5m length rolls that will last for multiple applications, easily stored in your sports first aid kit for constant use.
  • All Sterotape-K rolls come individually boxed for optimal hygiene.
  • Premium kinesiology sports tape is available in a range of colours. Choose between red, blue, and beige coloured KT tape.
  • CE marked for quality assurance.

What can kinesiology sports tape be used for?

  • Back pain
  • Knee injuries
  • Hamstring strain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Shin splints
  • Ankle sprain
  • Swelling

How does kinesiology tape work?

Kinesiology sports tape is a stretchable cotton tape that adheres to the skin to provide sensory input into a body area to reduce tension in the layers of muscle and tissue beneath. Using K tape is supposed to mimic our skin’s natural elasticity allowing for natural flexing and a full range of motion. 

When applied correctly, kinesiology tape recoils and shrinks in length slightly, gently lifting the skin. It is believed that this surface tension works to create a space between nerve receptors and the layers of fascia, muscle and connective tissues to reduce pressure and minimise discomfort and pain symptoms. 

Is K Tape Waterproof?

Most of the kinesiology tape products on the market are designed to be waterproof or water-resistant. Having a kinesiology sports tape that is water resistant means wearers can shower, bathe, and sweat without affecting the adhesion of the tape. Sterotape-K is a K tape that’s water resistant so that you can rely on it no matter your activity. 

Application and Removal of Sports K Tape

K-taping should complement a wider treatment plan provided by a trained medical professional, qualified sports therapist, or physiotherapist. Kinesiology tape is most effective when combined with treatments rather than as a standalone treatment. 

For K-taping applications to be the most effective, the quality of the kinesiology tape is as important as the expertise and attention of the person applying it. Always seek professional advice when using sports k tape-you need to know what you’re doing to reap the benefits. 

Before applying K tape, you should ensure the surface you’re working on is clean. Wipe the area with alcohol or a sanitising wipe to remove dirt and grit that could affect the quality of the K tape’s adhesion.

When removing kinesiology tape, make sure you do so slowly and cautiously. Push the skin away from the layer of tape rather than peel the fabric away from the skin. Removing kinesiology tape too quickly, like you would an adhesive plaster, for example, could risk damaging the skin and tissue underneath and could even leave a scar.

How to Use Kinesiology Tape for Plantar Fasciitis Treatment:

Taping and strapping with kinesiology tape helps to stabilise the plantar fascia, reducing the amount of movement the ligament does and giving it time to heal. Always seek medical advice before treating heel, foot, or other joint pain using k taping techniques.

Follow these steps to help reduce pain in the heel and foot:

  1. Rest the leg on a table or flat surface, ensuring the foot is clean and dry.
  2. Apply K tape horizontally around the metatarsal area (ball of the foot).
  3. Wrap a piece of K tape around the heel, connecting each end to the ball of the foot.
  4. Wrap another piece around the back of the heel and place the ends of the strip across the sole of the foot – forming an X shape in the centre of the arch.
  5. Repeat this three times to create a rigid support structure.
  6. Cover the rest of the foot in horizontal strips of K tape to cover all of the skin apart from the toes.