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Steropore Adhesive Wound Dressings

Steropore Adhesive Wound Dressings

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The most flexible adhesive wound dressing available on the market. Dress a wound in seconds for long-lasting protection no matter where on the body.

Size: 8.6cm x 6cm - Pack of 25

An NHS-endorsed self-adhesive wound dressing offering flexibility, comfort, and protection for healing wounds

Thanks to our trusted development of wound care and dressings over the past 25 years, our Steroplast adhesive wound dressing product is used throughout NHS hospitals following all types of surgical procedures.

The adhesive wound dressing is a standard and a staple of wound dressings used to dress a wide range of cuts, abrasions, and post-surgery wounds. Nurses love our adhesive wound dressing plasters because they make dressing a wound quick and easy for a highly efficient dressing every time.

When treating a wound, adhesive dressing products are ideal for protection and healing because they stick to the skin around the wound site securely, but the sterile wound pad doesn’t stick to the wound area, reducing the risk of disruption when removing and replacing dressings.

Ours is the most flexible kind of sterile adhesive wound dressing on the market, helping you secure the dressing in place no matter the location on the body and protect it from infection. These adhesive dressings for wounds are a perfect choice for areas of the body prone to continuous movement, such as joints, children's wounds, and even pets.