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Steroplast Blister Cushions

Steroplast Blister Cushions

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6 x thick, durable hydrocolloid gel blister plasters that form a protective barrier against the elements. Helping blisters heal faster and easing pain. Our best blister plasters protect from chafing, knocks, pressure, and infection.


Intelligently designed with hydrocolloid technology. Blister plasters that protect you from rubbing, pressure, and impact.

Our blister plasters are made with a hydrocolloid, a thick gel layer that promotes healing and protects your skin. Hydrogel dressings and plasters also absorb exudate, such as the fluid produced under a blister's skin. Because of this, hydrogel plasters create a moist environment which is perfect for a healing blister.

Skin-Friendly Hypoallergenic

Our plasters for blisters are skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, and latex-free, meaning they can be used on children's delicate skin, making them ideal for use in kids' sports and PE. Steroplast Cushioned Blister Plasters are water resistant, meaning they won't come off in wet or humid environments. Perfect for exercise in socks and shoes and even swimming. Ours are blister plasters UK consumers trust for reliability and quality.

Steroplast Cushioned Blister Plasters are your Go-To

Our blister plasters are designed to help you tackle painful blisters head-on. Each plaster is a generous 6.8cm x 4.3cm in size and is designed with a large, oval-shaped pad. We designed our plasters to be the ideal shape and size to stick onto heels and around the edges of joints where blisters are most likely to occur.

Flexible Material

Each plaster has a complete adhesive perimeter, meaning your blister will be fully sealed away from the outside environment while it heals. They're also made with a thin but tough, flexible material that stays close to the body's contours and moves with you to keep your blister protected.

Why choose Steroplast Cushioned Blister Plasters?

  • Each blister cushion is virtually invisible, made from thin, transparent material, making them easily disguised when wearing high heels.
  • Our shoe blister plasters are ideal for preventing blisters from forming, but they can also be applied over a blister to prevent further discomfort and infection.
  • Our thick blister plasters offer superior cushioning support to ease the pain of a blister while it heals. They are also highly conformable, moulding to the body's unique contours to keep out of the way and allow optimum movement.
  • The blister healing plasters are made with medical-grade hypoallergenic adhesive for sensitive skin of all kinds. Our blister gel plasters are also latex free.
  • Breathable and waterproof, ours are the best blister plasters for runners and sportspeople
  • Our blister cushions for shoes are supplied in retail boxes of 6 cushions each, ready to go on the shelf.
  • Individually wrapped blister cushions are kept clean and protected until needed.
  • Once applied, the adhesive forms a germ-proof seal
  • At 6.8cm x 4.3cm each, our large blister plasters are a good fit for adults and children.